Expert Dubai VAT Consultancy Services for Your Business

SZCA Chartered Accountants is a team of industry leading VAT consultants in Dubai offering the most extensive range of financial and return filing solutions to businesses across the United Arab Emirates. We take it as our responsibility to help businesses acquire knowledge about the financial impact of the VAT, and the steps they can take so as to mitigate the effects. So, when you get in touch with us, you will receive a detailed guide on the steps involved in proper tax compliance, along with information about any and all updates that might be required to your databases and accounting systems.

Get in Touch with The Best VAT Consultants in Dubai To Get Professional Advice

With decades of experience to our credit, we understand that our clients have differing requirements and preferences. It is for this reason that we employ a personalised approach to ensure that they receive tailored solutions from our dedicated tax consultants in Dubai.

As leading value added tax consultants in Dubai, what is most important for us is that our clients acquire thorough information about the latest regulations and policies relevant to the VAT. Not only that, we also advice clients on the changes that need to be made to their current business standards to ensure 100% compliance.

The SZCA Benefit

With a highly qualified, experienced and certified team of accountants and VAT consultants, SZCA Chartered Accountants presents a full spectrum of services related to VAT implementation in businesses. These include:

  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Accounting & Book Keeping
  • VAT Return Filing
  • VAT De Registration
  • Ensuring tax compliance through the application of proper controls and protocols
  • Implementation of compliant accounting systems and software
  • Detailed analysis of contracts and all other affected documents
  • Company-wide VAT application