Company Liquidation In UAE – Basic Information

Company liquidation is basically a process that involves closing down a business. In most cases, this happens when a company is no longer in the position to pay back its debt. As the business operations come to an end, the assets of the organization are distributed to shareholders and creditors on the basis of their priority of claims. The process of liquidation is carried out by a person known as the liquidator. The appointment of a liquidator can be carried out both by the shareholders of the company or the court, depending upon the type of liquidation taking place.

Why Choose SZCA To Complete Your Company Liquidation Process In Dubai

There is no denying the fact that a company liquidation in Dubai is a very time-consuming and complex process. The team of liquidation experts at SZCA is here to help you wind up your company, in case the need arises, in a smooth and hassle-free manner by following the right procedures.
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Our services pertaining to the liquidation of an LLC company in Dubai are inclusive of:

  • Appointment as a liquidator
  • Administering the liquidation process
  • Managing the disposal of assets
  • Conducting negotiations with creditors
  • Ensuring that all third party liquidation costs are duly processed
  • Conducting co-ordinations with the concerned authorities and departments
  • Preparation of statement of affairs
  • Ensuring inclusive documentation
  • Taking steps to ensure that all formal notifications and de-registrations are filed
  • Overseeing the on-going and liquidation specific accounting requirements

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