If truth be told, a majority of expatriates who live in Dubai opt for short-term rentals for accommodation purposes. Such rental solutions provide easy and convenient accommodation options to expats who cannot afford buying a property. The Government of Dubai has set comprehensive rules and regulations that regulate the relation between a tenant and their landlord. These rules and regulations are meant to protect the rights of both the tenants and landlords effectively. However, countless rental disputes continue to arise every month between landlords and tenants over a range of reasons. The following are a few major issues that trigger rental disputes.

Disputes over an increase or decrease in rent

A majority of rental disputes that arise these days are usually related to an increase or decrease in rent. Many landlords believe that they have the right to increase the rental amount at the renewal of tenancy contracts without any further notice. Of course, a landlord can make reasonable increase in the rental amount when renewing the tenancy contract, but it is a right of the tenant to be informed about the increase at least 3 months prior to the expiration of the tenancy contract.

The same is the case when a tenant wishes to demand for a decrease in the rental amount. If you believe that your rent should be decreased for a very strong reason, you can negotiate with your landlord in this regard. However, you will also have to inform him about it 3 months before the end of your tenancy contract. Without doing so, it can lead to a huge rental dispute.

Official Liquidation

Also known as a Court Liquidation, an Official Liquidation is initiated when a creditor of the company applies to the court to enforce liquidation on the debtor company. This is a rather length procedure and can incur additional expenses on the creditor. The application is filed in the Court in case the company fails to pay the amount of money demanded in a Statutory Demand.

Repair and maintenance disputes

Landlords and tenants are always on different pages when it comes to the repairs and maintenance works of a rental property. According to tenancy rules and regulations, all major repairs and maintenance works must be conducted by the landlord. However, tenants will have to take care of minor repairs and ongoing maintenance works. One of the best ways to avoid such disputes is by setting up the costs of repairs that will be taken care by tenants and landlords. Without doing so, there is always the fear of a rental dispute coming up each time repair and maintenance work is required.

Disputes on final settlement

Landlords and tenants are very likely to have a dispute on the final settlement at the end of tenancy contracts. Tenants want to get the full refund of their security deposit, while the landlords wish to cut maximum amounts to reinstate their properties. Such issues can also be resolved by adding relevant clauses to the tenancy contracts.

All in all, there are many different reasons why rental disputes come up these days. In case a dispute comes up with no end in sight, the best thing to do is to report it at the Rental Dispute Settlement Center in Dubai. To create a strong case and to ensure proper representation, please feel free to get in touch with us at SZCA today!