Have you ever run into a dispute with your landlord? Such situations are often observed where the lease expires and needs to be renewed or ended. It is up to the landlord to revise the terms of the contract at the time of renewal. He can maintain the same amount of rent or increase or decrease it. Increased or reduced rent is valid for the duration of the lease. In order for the tenant agreement to continue, the tenant must agree to the terms amended by the landlord, and if the parties do not reach an agreement, the board can decide on a reasonable rent.

If the lessee wishes to amend any of the terms of the contract, he shall notify the other party not less than ninety days after the expiration date, but this condition may be revoked by the agreement of the landlord and tenant.  For this purpose, the Land Department of Dubai is heavily involved in improving the residential quality of life of citizens.

Overview of the Situation

The current system relies on data handed over by the landowners to the governing authority. It is later used to calculate the fees charged for housing included in utility bills. The new organization holds a lot of promises to meet the expectations of executives. The current system is expected to allow the government to combine necessary statistical and rental data in different parts of Dubai. It will then be included in the Dubai Rental Code. The data collected will give residents insight into the housing preferred by the residents, allowing residential builders to change their product mix to support the need.

Know the Benefits

There are a range of benefits that such data brings in during legal disputes. Due to the standardization of information stored on the system, disputes can be resolved fairly and quickly. As gray areas disappear under the new laws, this will lead to better relations between tenants and landlords, resulting in improved relationships and greater market confidence.

Access to utility services that are important for everyday life is not only available to those who have registered their rental activities under the new system. Failure to do so by oversight or design can result in delays for many government officials. This may adversely affect foreigners, as this information will be reflected in their attendance records. As the merger process improves relationships between different authorities, more departments are expected to join the network.

The new law only applies to individual contracts currently signed in 2012. For existing contracts, it is time for both tenants and landlords to wait for the contract to renew. For more information on this issue, why not talk to a prominent name for rent in Dubai and go to Dubai. Here is a wide selection of the best rental properties in Dubai. In addition, they will guide you on the latest developments in the rental market so that your compliance with the authorities is total.